Califorian restaurants

When Salih Keyim, around 20 years ago, visited the United States, he went to TGI Friday’s restaurant and was immediately in love with the concept. “I have to take this to Northern Cyprus,” said Salih what he was thinking. “At that time there was nothing like it in Northern Cyprus, but the demand was there,” he added.

A few years later, on 25th May 2000, opened Califorian restaurant in the capital, Nicosia, and has since become a very popular restaurant and “hang out.” This is where a lot of students, local people and tourists of all ages come.

As the years have passed, the restaurant has evolved and developed its “own” charm. Both European and Turkish dishes have been added to the otherwise American menu.

In 2010, Salih opened another Califorian restaurant, Califorian Gold, Famagusta and his plan is to soon open one in Kyrenia, preferably with a beautiful location by the sea.

The kitchens in Califorian restaurants have much to do as they also deliver food to both hospitals and universities around Northern Cyprus. But with over 200  staff, they handle the job very well.


Opening hours: 8.00 to 23.00

Address: Salamis Yolu, Gazimağusa


Opening Hours: 12.00 – late

Address: Mehmet Akif Cd, Nicosia

Tel: +90 392 444 7070

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