BVLGARI introduces Aqva Amara

The Mediterranean is a symbol of life, fertility, and
purity. A timeless inspiration for BVLGARI,
and has been a springboard for the latest fragrance AQVA AMARA.
New Aqva Amara has a powerful personality and is just like the best-selling Aqva Pour Homme a waterfront, noble, masculine Eau de Toilette. Aqva Amara has unlike Aqva Pour Homme a warmer, more bitter, mineral like fragrance that evokes the strength and depth of the sea.
Aqva Amara is a waterclose fragrance, enriched with natural ingredients and essences of the finest quality Sicilian mandarin, neroli, rich spring water, Indonesian patchouli and frankincense.
Aqva Amara is a composition of three Italian words all describing the scent, Amaro, Mare and Amara.
Amaro” means bitter in Italian, in this case, as a bitter twist of orange. “Maremeaning sea, and chronicles the waterclose notes as you clearly feel. Amaro” describes the feeling of love and warmth that  the scent has.
The scent is like a bitter breeze of citrus. The top note is a fusion of Sicilian mandarin and neroli from Tunisia. The Sicilian mandarin has a very short harvest period where only the finest mandarins of the highest quality harvested. Tangerines, have a bittercitrusfloral fragrance note which together with the essence of Neroli flower gives Aqva Amara very elegant top notes.
Fresh rich water,
In the heart of Aqva Amara is a water note as Jacques Cavallier originally developed to Aqva Pour Homme. This he has now done over and replaced the marine notes filled with mineral spring water, which is produced from natural raw materials with advanced technology. This water note gives a sense of well-being and enjoyment.
Vibrant notes of luxury,
In the base there Indonesian Patchouli oil which has a strong scent that has long been used in incense. Along with Frankincense the bottom note provides Aqva Amara with a prolonged and intense aroma.


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