Blood donors requested North Cyprus

People with blood type A are urged to come forward as potential donors.
The call for new contributions – applies to all blood groups – came after the recent “British Residents Society” (BRS) Blood Donor Day saw a decrease in the number of blood donors.
Organizer Prue Lundie said that the last event was attended by 31 people – less than the usual numbers of up to 40 participants.
“We can not stress enough the importance of giving blood
that saves lives, and it takes just minutes
to do, “said Mrs. Lundie.
Saturday’s session was organized by the Black Olive Cafe, Alsancak, and next BRS donor day will be May 24 at Girne State Hospital, from 10:00am to 13:00. For more information or to become a donor, contact Mrs. Lundie on: 0542 855 1114.blood blood




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