Belly Dance Festival

North Cyprus is preparing for the second year of “Kyrenia Belly Dance Fusion Festival ” which takes place in May 24-25 with professional dancers from all around the world.

Organized by Shifan Özseza, from Little Eastern Dance Studio, and her team, the two-day event takes place at Girne American University (GAU), with workshops, dazzling, costumed performances and an Arab party. belly_dance_magdans_norra_cypern_magasinet_north_cyprus

The dancers can also participate in Kyrenia Bellydance Star Competition, judged by top professionals. Special guests include Elis Pinheiro from Brazil, Rockit Dance Group from the United Kingdom, London popular Cypriot dancer Behiye Binnaz, Arabic percussion teacher Nidal Hamidan from Jordan, and the winner of last year’s Bellydance Star Competetion Sofia Anargali, from southern Cyprus.

“Last year’s first contest was a huge success that attracted dancers and spectators from around the world,” said Mrs. Özseza. “The festival is held to show the middle east dance as an art form, to rid people’s images of a belly dancer appearing in a cheap coin skirt, dancing around a table in a restaurant.”

“We, as Arab dancers, working out 3-4 hours a day to perfect our technique. The dance is one of the hardest tricks to learn, and people do not realize it until they attend my classes. Whenever their muscles are relaxed, and they are used regularly, it becomes easier, “she says.

The festival is to celebrate our women, our mothers, our sisters, our daughters. This dance was created for women to dance together and enjoy each other. ”

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