Basket of goods cheaper in north than south

The Turkish Cypriot Chamber of Commerce has released the results of a recent comparative price study between both sides. The organisation visited two supermarkets in the north and the south and compared the cost of the basket.

Based on the study, the results for the month of February showed that a shopping basket of 44 products which included vegetables, fruit, meat, cheese, toiletries, baby products and other essentials, cost €200 in the south, whilst the same products cost €173.50 in the north, a price difference of 16%.

The study was based solely on the cost of the basket and made no reference to general cost of living and comparative wage purchasing power. Whilst some products were cheaper in the south compared to the north, a majority of products cost less in the north.

Whilst tomatoes were recorded at €0.65/kg in the south, they cost €1.18/kg in the north. The biggest price difference was found in baby nappies. A packet of 36 nappies costs €16 in the south, compared to €12 in the north. A 50g tube of hair dye costs €6 in the south, whilst it is recorded as €2.80 in the north.

Basket of goods

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