Bafra beach party promises night of dance and music

Bafra Beach, once hailed as the “North Cyprus’s answer to Ayia Napa”, lives up to that label today when the first Dance FM Beach Party launches during the 55th Mehmetçik Grape Festival.

The party at the Mehmetçik Municipality beach restaurant promises daytime music on two stages and late-night music by three London MCs and a host of DJs with a troupe of five female dancers.

London-born twin DJs and organisers Ozan and Mustafa Choli said: “The Get Naked” stage features Atesh K, Barish Baron, Argy K, Miss Olee, Moongravity and Farouk Chetin.

“On the daytime main stage we have Umut Özsoy, Hasim Volkan, Tolay C and Enny B before late-night Rampage Treble T, Twin Ozzie, Sonny B, Edge Z002, Extimate, Mayki Guda, JGB, MC Edski, MC Icy and live PA from Kerry Wayne ‘Agbada’.”

The identical twins also organise events at Gazi Mağusa’s Lions Garden where they host a Deep House Night with DJ Sonny B next Saturday, August 8 and a one-night Efes Summer Breeze Festival on Saturday, August 15.

Mustafa Choli said: “The dance scene is mostly in Girne but if they saw Bafra Beach they would never go back.”

By Anne Canalp for Cyprus Today


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