Backgammon Championship at Merit Park Hotel

Merit Tourism Group has opened a new venue
in tourism, by organizing tournaments in Northern Cyprus, and this time the group was host to world-famous backgammon player. Hundreds of backgammon players from 26 different countries participated in Northern Cyprus Backgammon Open Championship with Merit Hotel hosted. The championship began with an opening cocktail on 13 March.
The tournament, organized by Avraham Eytan, attracted a lot of attention this year. Players participated in tough races in tournaments of high degree; Masters group and between group followed by competitions in double tournaments, team tournaments, and other lessgrade tournaments.
The final match, the most exciting part
of the championship, was played between Michael Larsen from Denmark and Rainer Witt from Germany. Michael Larsen won the game with the score 21-10, and became the master of Northern Cyprus Backgammon Open Championship.
The largest group of players who participated in the tournament, was from Denmark. Many other leading positions in the global table attended, including Michael Natanzon, aka “Falafel” from Israel, Masayuki Mochizuki and Michihito Kageyama Japan, Lars Trabolt and Steen Grønbech from Denmark, and Rainer Witt from Germany.
North Cyprus Backgammon Open Championship ended with a fascinating Gala, which began with performances of Turkish music. Avraham Eytan, the organizer of the tournament, gave a speech during the ceremony and thanked Mesut Gürdal Büyükgüngör, Merit Hotel & Casino Manager by inviting him to the stage. Büyükgüngör said they were delighted to host the tournament and eager to host the upcoming tournaments. The contestants were invited up on stage one by one and were awarded their prizes during applause.



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