About Sophia Söderholm
At the age of ten Sophia moved from Sweden in 1998 and has since lived in several locations around the world including Spain, and has been residing in North Cyprus for four years now. Her educational background is in marketing, hotel management and real estate, and she now works as a real estate agent and is editor in chief for New Cyprus Magazine. If you any questions for Sophia, please write to: sophia@newcyprusmagazine.com.

CMC golfclub, Lefke

22 March, 2014

If you enjoy a fresh sea breeze while you are playing golf, then CMC golf club  might be right for you. […]

Orange in North Cyprus

19 March, 2014

Citrus fruits are deeply rooted in the history of Cyprus and has a unique position in its nature and life. […]

Mepaş bathroom

18 March, 2014

North Cyprus, and especially Kyrenia is full of furniture stores with funky furniture, both local and imported. Last week we photographed inside […]

Orchid walk

18 March, 2014

Yesterday New Cyprus Magazine followed Margaretha, and a great bunch of around 20 Swedes, on a hike in the mountains to […]

Open markets

15 March, 2014

All major cities, Kyrenia, Famagusta, Iskele and Guzelyurt, have open markets on different days of the week. The Great Market Hall […]

Cellular signaling

13 March, 2014

Signalling between cells The communication between cells and groups of cells in the body has become easier to understand after […]

The Turkish Riviera

12 March, 2014

Turkey’s Mediterranean coast, the Turquoise Coast, is nearly 1,600 km long, with fine sandy beaches and historic towns. The Turquoise […]

The dangerous sugar

12 March, 2014

Sugar can interfere with the cooperation between the various minerals and cause copper and chromium deficiency and impair the absorption […]

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