About Petter Koubek
Has worked as a photographer since 1997. After his apprenticeship he commenced employment at the Metro newspaper in Prague as picture editor and photographer. Since 1998, he has worked freelance mainly for newspapers, weeklies and magazines in Sweden, but also assignments in advertising, weddings and Hus photography. Since March 2014 Petter has been living in Northern Cyprus. His approach is characterized by photojournalism and Petter has a penchant for storytelling with imagery.

Coskun Jewelry

27 August, 2014

Coskun Jewelry in Güzelyurt opened in 1987. Most of the customers come from Turkey, but even locals find their way […]

Wild West Surf Cup

26 August, 2014

On Sunday Ugur Soyilir and Gulizar Buyuktepe organized the yearly event Wild West Surf Cup at Heaven Surf House in Yedidalga. […]

Rodi Mood

23 August, 2014

Rodi Mood have stores in Kyrenia and Güzelyurt. 2004 the store opened in Güzelyurt centre. The store sells men’s and women’s clothing and […]

Burger City

19 August, 2014

Burger City is northern Cyprus’s response to Burger King, a classic fast-food chain with very good and fresh hamburgers. Burger […]

Cakartas in Güzelyurt

18 August, 2014

Cakartas Güzelyurt opened in 1987 owned and run by Moomin and his wife Hava. The store sells women’s clothing and […]

Bale Shoes

5 August, 2014

The first Bale Shoes store opened in 1976 in Güzelyurt. It has since grown to three more shops in Nicosia, […]

Vadilili av Pazari

3 August, 2014

Kamil Vadilili has had his shop, Vadilili of Pazari for 35 years in central Güzelyurt. Kamil sells everything! Whatever you […]

Bayram in Gaziveren

29 July, 2014

The Tözun family have gathered in front of the grandfather’s house in Gaziveren to celebrate Bayram. A three-day leave which […]

Jet Brothers

19 July, 2014

Mr Feyaz has been the owner and Manager of the Jet Brothers store in Nicosia’s old town for 8 years. […]

Ledra Bazaar

18 July, 2014

Brothers Aziz & Artun Dagman opened 3 stores five years ago, in Nicosia’s old town. Ledra Bazaar and Marca Port […]

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