About Malin Eriksson
Malin has previously worked in hotels, studied languages in France and studied history. One of her main interests is traveling, and now she spends much time in North Cyprus which she loves. It has great weather and nice people - and lot of interesting history!

The Nutcracker

5 December, 2015

Christmas is approaching even here in sunny Cyprus. If you have not yet managed to get in the festive mood […]

Permablitz for fun

11 November, 2015

On Sunday there is the possibility to learn about sustainability, while one can enjoy a fun day with the family. […]


10 November, 2015

Moving to a new country is an exciting experience. Different culture, new streets lined with beautiful buildings, exotic food and […]

Flourishing desert

6 November, 2015

Dunes that meander like hills, long stretches of deserted land, dry, warm. That’s approximately how one would describe a desert. […]

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