About Margaretha Lindén
Margaretha is a true northern Cyprus veteran and an incredible ambassador for the country. She moved to Northern Cyprus in May 2000, and lives with her seven dogs and four cats in a small village outside Kyrenia. Margaretha refers to various services such as excursions and guided tours for Sunseeker-tours, a tourist company that caters primarily to the Scandinavians. Margaretha is a writer for NC Magazine and has written many interesting articles about what is happening in the country, tours and much more. If you have any questions for Margaretha, please write to: margaretha@norracypernmagasinet.se

Vet in Girne

6 June, 2014

Pertev Karaigil and I met in 2002 when he opened his practice in Girne. I do not remember what the […]

Hungry for pizza?

6 June, 2014

It’s Friday afternoon, and I am a bad cook, so what should I eat? On my way home from a […]

En kunglig frisering

9 May, 2014

PANIK!! Min Princess behöver klippas och det är NU, jag har väntat alldeles för länge. Har tidigare hittat ett visitkort […]

The lawnmower man

27 April, 2014

The Lawnmower man and machine genius Mr. Mustafas workshop is located in Karakum. Coming from the Girne-direction it lies to the […]

Courtyard Inn

25 April, 2014

Courtyard Inn is located along the major road in Karakum, about 100 meter from the Mermer furniture and fabric store.    […]

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