About Margaretha Lindén
Margaretha is a true northern Cyprus veteran and an incredible ambassador for the country. She moved to Northern Cyprus in May 2000, and lives with her seven dogs and four cats in a small village outside Kyrenia. Margaretha refers to various services such as excursions and guided tours for Sunseeker-tours, a tourist company that caters primarily to the Scandinavians. Margaretha is a writer for NC Magazine and has written many interesting articles about what is happening in the country, tours and much more. If you have any questions for Margaretha, please write to: margaretha@norracypernmagasinet.se

KAR’s Cat Fetching Day

25 October, 2014

The day the people from Kyrenia Animal Rescue (KAR) came to take my cats for sterilization. Their office is located […]

Food Happy

22 October, 2014

While talking with a friend from Sweden this week she asked the questions: What do you eat down here? What’s […]

Karmi village

17 October, 2014

The picturesque village is perched on a hillside about 7 miles west of Girne/Kyrenia and is one of the many […]

Picture of the day

14 October, 2014

NCM´s own Margareta met with the President of Northern Cyprus, Derviş Eroğlu, at the Eco festival in Büyükkonuk on Sunday, October 12.

My Noah’s Ark

7 October, 2014

I promised a friend who recently got in touch, not to show more photos of spiders, therefore I will now […]

Playing the tourist

23 September, 2014

I recently had the pleasure of getting a visit from my friend and her husband from Sweden. One of her […]

Upholsterer in Alsancak

21 September, 2014

Upholsterer in Alsancak Three years ago when I stopped for a lunch at my favourite kebab shop in Alsancak which […]

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