About Margaretha Lindén
Margaretha is a true northern Cyprus veteran and an incredible ambassador for the country. She moved to Northern Cyprus in May 2000, and lives with her seven dogs and four cats in a small village outside Kyrenia. Margaretha refers to various services such as excursions and guided tours for Sunseeker-tours, a tourist company that caters primarily to the Scandinavians. Margaretha is a writer for NC Magazine and has written many interesting articles about what is happening in the country, tours and much more. If you have any questions for Margaretha, please write to: margaretha@norracypernmagasinet.se


7 January, 2015

Our daily weather: Give us sun this day! Yes, it is now winter and down here in these latitudes the […]

No: 7

2 January, 2015

Okay, so it was that time again and I have been so good for almost three years. I have really […]

Rain and bad weather

27 November, 2014

In the evening thunder roars as if it was the end of the world and the lightning lights up all […]

Christmas is coming

27 November, 2014

Christmas will soon be here with all the festive things it brings, as Swedish expat in a Muslim country, one […]

Tire workshop in Alsancak

1 November, 2014

Lastik in Alsancak – Helped me with inflating and repairing my bikes tires at their workshop I recently rented out […]

Kantara restaurant

31 October, 2014

If you wish to visit the third of the island’s castles, Kantara castle, which incidentally the easiest castle to get […]

Tektan Co. Ltd.

30 October, 2014

Tektan is the name of store located in the centre of Girne, behind the high school. The store is somewhat […]

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