Asteroid may be visible from Cyprus

An asteroid which will pass the earth during Friday night and Saturday morning might be visible from Cyprus.

The asteroid, which has the length of four football fields, will pass some 480,000 km from earth, a bit farther away than the moon.

It might be visible through telescopes in Cyprus.

“We are looking for it,” astrophysicist Chrysanthos Fakas said on Thursday, “but it is difficult because the sky is dark and cloudy.”

“If we find the asteroid and the weather allows for it,” he added, “the public will be invited to view it.”

Although scientists believe that there is no threat to Earth, the celestial body is monitored very closely since the day of its discovery on October 10 at the University of Hawaii.

Scientists do not exactly know the composition of the asteroid and it causes concern that they only found it a few days before its passage.

“The fact that such a large celestial body with the potential to cause significant damage if it were to hit our planet was discovered just 21 days before passing near the Earth, demonstrates the need to watch the sky,” said Detlef Koschny, astrophysicist at the European Space Agency (ESA).

By Annette Chrysostomou for Cyprus Mail


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