Apricot festival

Last Thursday evening we joined the fun at the Apricot festival in Esentepe. There were folk dances by groups that were traditionally dressed and danced to traditional folk music. There were groups of men and groups of children, and later in the evening appeared mixed male and female groups that showed how the traditional dance came about. They all wore incredibly nice costumes.

A local music group accounted for the more modern music, and they were really good.

At the festival they also sold home-made wines, apricots, apricot preserves, apricot jams and everything else one can now produce with apricots. It is incredible how talented they are to take advantage of what the different growing seasons provide here. Local honey was also available to buy.

The usual vendors were there and sold clothes, toys, sunglasses and other goodies.

Various games were available with the chance to win prizes like, fans and remote controlled toys for both small and large children.

There were lots of small food stalls selling authentic foods and drinks from the area. You could choose among various kebabs, lamachun (like Turkish pizza), pide (bread with filling), waffles, and much, much more.

Drinks were also in abundance, both with and without alcohol.

And people, people, people!

Norra_Cypern_aprikosfestival_skylt Norra_Cypern_aprikosfestival_marknad Norra_Cypern_aprikosfestival_staty Norra_Cypern_aprikosfestival_familj_barn Norra_Cypern_aprikosfestival_folk_dans_ Norra_Cypern_aprikosfestival_folk_publik Norra_Cypern_aprikosfestival_folk_dans_kvinnor Norra_Cypern_aprikosfestival_folk_dans_kvinnor_glada Norra_Cypern_aprikosfestival_folk_mat_bord Norra_Cypern_aprikosfestival_torkad_frukt Norra_Cypern_aprikosfestival_aprikos_honung_marmelad Norra_Cypern_aprikosfestival_folk_bord Norra_Cypern_aprikosfestival_mat_ugn Norra_Cypern_aprikosfestival_flaskor Norra_Cypern_aprikosfestival_el_bilar_barn Norra_Cypern_aprikosfestival_folk_dans_gult Norra_Cypern_aprikosfestival_pojkeNorra_Cypern_aprikosfestival_kebab_mat Norra_Cypern_aprikosfestival_vin_flaska

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