Anti-violence monument to go on display

A purple iron monument, symbolising resistance against violence is to be unveiled in the capital this month design was chosen as the winner in a competition organised by the Kayad women’s philanthropic association, the Cyprus Turkish Bar Association, Universal Special Education and Services backed by the capital’s municipality and mobile phone company Vodafone.

Sercan Korkmaz, 21, and Ali Dikbaş 22

The planned monument, four metres high and 3.8 metres wide and made of inter-twined iron bars reaching skywards, is the work of Eastern Mediterranean University interior design students Sercan Korkmaz, 21, and Ali Dikbaş 22. It is to be sited on a roundabout at Kemal şemiler Caddesi, on the new Metehan-Alayköy road Mr Korkmaz said the idea for it was “based on the fact that each single iron bar – which has a different shape and length – represents an individual regardless of gender differences”.

The planned monument

“We wanted to show that it’s easier to break a single bar than if you have more than one. So in that way we also give the message that indivduals can join together and stand firm as a society. The colour purple had been chosen as a common symbol for vio lence against women,” he added.

Team at EMU

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