Anastasiades looking forward to working with ‘my friend Mustafa Akinci’

The President of south Cyprus, Nicos Anastasiades, said on Thursday night that he was looking forward to working with “my friend Mustafa Akinci to finally reunite our homeland, free from foreign troops, and for Greek and Turkish Cypriots to peacefully live and co-exist together once again, as they had done so for centuries.”

Anastasiades was speaking at the reception hosted by US Ambassador in Nicosia John Koenig on the occasion of the 239th anniversary of US Independence.

In his address Anastasiades noted that the core values enshrined in the United States Declaration of Independence,  ‘life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness’, form the fundamental beliefs and constitutional principles not only of America but of so many other modern, democratic nations around the world, saying Cyprus was no exception to that.

“As these values and principles have become universal, they unite us as partners, not just as states, but as peoples as well,” he said.

He said Cyprus and the United States, “striving to achieve and uphold such principles”, had historically enjoyed solid bilateral relations. “Our relations have been based on a mutually shared fundamental understanding of what we, as governments and states should do to achieve and provide the maximum for our societies, and what we can furthermore do as countries, to promote the cause of peace, prosperity, stability and security on the a global basis,” he noted.

Anastasiades added that the two countries had been working together, in this past two years and a half, to further advance common causes which include the quest for peace in the region of the Eastern Mediterranean, energy security and cooperation for the Levantine basin and beyond, as well as an upgrading of bilateral relations to a mutually acceptable and beneficial level.

As US Vice President Joe Biden said in his speech in Nicosia on May 22 2014, “Cyprus is emerging as a leader in the region…a key player in the Eastern Mediterranean…in a strategic, growing partnership with the United States,” Anastasiades said.

On the solution of the Cyprus problem, Anastasiades indicated that it is part and parcel of this geostrategic vision, it was his first and foremost priority.

In this respect, he said, a reunited Cyprus would hopefully become a role model and an example to emulate and repeat in the region.




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