An ordinary day, at home on my street

I was driving on an ordinary day a few weeks ago on my street and what did my eyes behold?

Well, an elderly man was riding on a donkey. I felt warm all over and stopped of course and asked if I could take a picture, which I did. He stopped while the donkey chewed on the grass, and said in Turkish that this was his araba = car.

Today when I got home and had parked the van and was about to open the car door, what did I see? Well, goats take a short cut across my yard, super nice. Then came the elderly goat herder trudging alone like nothing had happened, he was out and herded them as we went out with the dogs.

It’s one of the benefits of living side by side with the locals, I get so warm and fuzzy in my heart when I see these kind of ordinary things. Then I feel humbled that I get to be a part of this fine country living.

Here you can be who you are, as long as you behave as you should; show respect for older people and for other people’s property and are polite to each other, in short: Pure and sound common sense. Values that have been mostly forgotten and hidden in Europe…

Now is the month of November, the sun is shining and the days are sweet. Daytime temperature is about 25-28 degrees, could it be better?




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