All TRNC citizens can participate in Cyprus Rally

The TC Touring and Automobile Association KKTOK will be realising the second ERC Cyprus Rally 2015 under the slogan ‘Let the Peace win’ and has indicated that all TC sportsmen with TRNC IDs will be able to participate in the event.

A written statement from the KKTOK board said that speculative reports in the press that TRNC citizens will not be able to take part at a time when the negotiation process was on-going, said that the reports were untrue and baseless.

The association said all TRNC citizens will be able to take part in the Cyprus rally on 25-27 September 2015. The announcement also thanked the Foreign Ministry, Nicosia Police, Security Armed Forces and local council for their support.

They invited the public to the special viewing stage on 26 September Saturday to give their support to the participants.

To read more about the rally, click here. To get to their website, click here. 


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