Akinci says months leading up to end of year are important

The two leaders met in the buffer zone on Monday. The meeting ended around lunchtime.

Speaking to the press on his return to the presidential palace, President Akinci said that in the meeting they went over the issues they had agreed on from the last meeting. They met alone first and then with Eide, he said. Akinci said that they also touched on the issues of property and territory in the meeting on Monday. He said an agreement was reached on exchange, restitution and compensation on properties.

He pointed that the next leaders meetings were scheduled for the 1st and 14th of September although the negotiators and technical committees would continue to meet in August.

Akinci said that the months leading up to the end of the year were important because he still believed it was possible to solve the issue within months not years… a federal solution, and one in which the youths of the two sides would live in harmony together.

The two leaders attended a musical evening at Othello yesterday evening. The first event took place in Limassol and this was the second of those cultural events. Anastasiades came to Famagusta and UNSG Special Advisor Eide also attended the event.


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