Akinci makes victory speech to crowds

President-elect Mustafa Akinci addressed crowds of people in Inonu Square last night after his victory over Dr Dervis Eroglu was announced.

Speaking to the crowds who gathered to celebrate, Akinci pointed out that nothing could stop change and the victory was the public’s adding that he would be the President of everyone. He said “we have a new responsibility – tonight we bring change from the very top”.

Akinci said he would be the independent of those who supported Eroglu; he would use former Presidents Eroglu and Talat for their knowledge and experience as this country belonged to everyone.

He went on to say that a TC public which administered themselves was also in the interest of Turkey; this is not a dispute point with Turkey and noted that he was the first Mayor in the past to create ‘brother relations’ with Ankara. Akinci added that it was not a time for heroism; it was a time for friendship.

He thanked everyone for their support – all the parties who supported him, the volunteers and the TC public in general. Akinci also said that his job was not to interfere in the political parties work or that of the municipalities; however he would utilise the duties of the president.

Akinci touching on the issue of the talks, said they wanted a comprehensive settlement; however whilst that was being discussed they were able to support this with confidence building measures. Years ago they were so close to reopening Varosha which now lay wasted to mice and snakes.


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