Akıncı evaluates Cyprus issue

President Mustafa Akıncı evaluated the ongoing negotiations process during a visit paid to him yesterday.

He said there were steps taken as part of the confidence building measures and reminded that he will be holding his 4th meeting with the Greek Cypriot leader Nicos Anastasiades on Monday.

“Until now, we had a scanning and review process to see where we stand because these wasn’t done for a long time. There was a process where different proposals were shuttled back and forth. Now, we are preparing documents which outline areas where we have agreement and where there is a need for more convergence.” These are about to be finalized. The negotiators met again today. This process will be fully completed before Monday’s meeting” Akıncı said.

Reminding that they will be entering the next phase of the talks on Monday where substantive negotiations on the core issues will start, he said that these were shared with the public.

Akıncı also touched upon the role of the European Union on the solution process.

Noting that several speculative news reports were emerging in the press from time to time, mainly in the Greek Cypriot media, he said that there were exaggerated reports on the EU’s involvement in the Cyprus negotiations process.

Stating that North Cyprus will be a part of the EU acquis communautaire as and when a solution will be reached in Cyprus, the President said that this was something the Turkish Cypriots wanted and desired.

Reminding that an EU representative has been present in past and present negotiations in Cyprus, Akıncı said that they approved the idea of exchanging views and consulting with these EU representatives.

He however pointed out that the Cyprus negotiations process was not an EU process but a UN-Led process.

“It is out of the question for the EU to replace the UN. This anyway is not on the agenda. No such request has been made nor is there such an understanding.”

The President also added that they were waiting for the EU to formulate its own regulations so that solution in Cyprus can be viable.


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