Akıncı: “EU should build stronger ties with Turkish Cypriots”

Akıncı who is leaving for Brussels today where he will come together with high level EU officials including President of the EU Parliament Martin Shulz gave an interview to Sefa Karahasan of Milliyet Newspaper regarding Turkish Cypriots’ relation with the EU.

Emphasising the urgency of a solution in Cyprus, Akıncı said that the time for the settlement has arrived and that “no time should be wasted”.

According to Karahasan’s piece Akıncı implied that during his meeting with the EU officials he will convey this message: “EU should prepare Turkish Cypriots for a solution. EU has lots on its shoulders during this process”. During the interview Akıncı said “EU should contribute to the negotiation process. But the talks will continue to be carried out under the auspices of UN”.

The President also added that the federal state that will be formed will be an EU member state and that as the equal partners of the federal state the Turkish Cypriot community will take its place in the EU.

“Therefore EU should have close ties with the Turkish Cypriot community. EU should do this before waiting for the solution process to be finalized. They need to build stronger relations with the TCs in order to prepare us and our institutions for EU,” said Akıncı.


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