Acutely ill, part 2

After a week I still was not feeling well, so I went into Kyrenia Medical Center to make an ultrasound. When I came through the door I told an English lady it was urgent and she called for a nurse who showed me to the doctor.

It took about 5 minutes before I met the doctor, and he asked me what was wrong. I explained the whole story again but told him that this time the fever had gone but I still had a lot of pain in my stomach. 10 minutes later it was my turn for the ultrasound.

I lay on the bed and the doctor examined me. Then I had to go back to my first doctor and he confirmed that I have a kidney stone on the left side, not good!

Now it happened that the hospital did not accept my insurance! Blood tests and other tests cost 120 TL, and ultrasound cost 200 TL.
Since I was so stupid not to ask the hospital first, but thought” they would take the insurance, I had no money on me and not my VISA card either. I said to the English lady that I would go to the vet and come back. She looked wide-eyed at me questioningly.

Yes, doctor like doctor, I said, Joking aside, I know him, he will lend me money. Said and done Went up to my vet and asked him if he could lend me the money tomorrow. No problem was the answer, and so I got the money and went back to the clinic and paid.

The doctor prescribed pills for my kidney stones, as well as other medicine, and informed me to come back if necessary. do a gastroscopy and endoscopy. Not very fun, but health comes before anything and this will I afford myself at a cost of 800 TL.

The insurance company did not pay this, but wanted me to come to Sweden and to a hospital. I denied it, first make an appointment to see a doctor during July takes a good couple of weeks. Since we know how long it takes before you get a referral for x-rays, probably 3 – 6 months, now the doctor thinks I should do this. The insurance company pays, however, my flight back down. For a cost as equivalent to a gastroscopy and endoscopy cost here!

Life is wonderful, and even the bureaucracy surrounding the hospital visit in Sweden.

In Sweden, one must be healthy to be sick, but it does not apply in Northern Cyprus. Here you have to be sick and it‘s okay if you cry or complain, they understand that you are short.



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