Acutely ill, part 1

Now it happened that I became acutely ill with severe abdominal pain, fever and diarrhea. Not fun, and I´m overseas! Damn!

Called my insurance company Gouda, and informed them that I was going to go to the hospital because I was not feeling well. I explained my symptoms and I got the go-ahead that they would pay the hospital.

Phone call number two went to my pet sitter, if I had to be admitted, then someone has to take care of my seven dogs and five Wildcats. She immediately offered to drive me to the hospital.

She came and I wanted her to drive me to Lefkosa university. It is about 30 km. Thankfully, it was late afternoon and almost no traffic. We arrived at the main entrance and I went very slowly, for my stomach pain made ​​it impossible to walk any faster. That I had a fever made ​​things no better.

Just inside the door on the right side, there were five guys, each with a wheelchair and just waiting for someone sick to fall into to it, so they get to work (like waiting for a cab firm with wheelchairs).

When I came in folded, a guy with a wheelchair ran up to me and helped me. He drove carefully to the emergency room where he promptly put me on a bed. The doctor also came at once and asked what happened. I explained my symptoms, and a guy came and took my blood pressure.

The wheelchair guy was standing outside the door, waiting to drive me to the toilet where I would leave certain samples, then he drove me back to bed and drip was inserted.

The doctor said that my tests would take an hour, so I had to wait in bed in the meantime. Phew, I was in pain and my pet sitter sat nicely next to me, and we talked about how well you are received here. No one is questioning whether I really am sick, and I do not need to sit 7-10 hours in the emergency room before anyone even looks at me.

Here you are allowed to be sick. If you go to the hospital you are sick, period

An hour passed, the doctor came to talk about the test results (I even got four pages of results with me ). I had a gastric infection and the doctor wrote out pennicillin and other tablets. I waited  to get my passport back (which they took to register me). The insurance company announced that after a while they would fax over the approval and the hospital gave me my passport and I could go home.

The Total time it took me from my dog sitter picked me up at home until I was done at the hospital, was about 3 ½ hours. Guess if it feels good and reliable to become ill in North Cyprus? I was well looked after, with professional reception of the doctor and her team.

The bottom line: take a seat to North Cyprus If you feel BAD IN SWEDEN, this may help you (but check that your insurance is valid , otherwise it is cash that apply).




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