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About usNew Cyprus Magazine is North Cyprus’ largest online magazine, which daily provides its readers with news, ideas and inspirations from our beautiful island. We write about interesting topics for those who live in Cyprus and want to stay updated on the latest news, for those who want to read about the beautiful island before their holiday, or for those who simply are
curious about the country.

In New Cyprus Magazine, you can read articles and reports on everything related to Cyprus. We give you tips on hotels, restaurants, cafes and shops. We are your guide to all the weekend’s events, and we are always somewhere out there in the crowd to capture the best moments in photographs. In our popular columns you will learn about personal observations and thoughts from everyday life in Cyprus. You receive weekly exciting new health tips, and in our personal interviews you will meet fascinating people who all have a strong bond to Cyprus.

We are an innovative magazine that showcases North Cyprus in a way that has never before been done. We are known for our breadth and our modern imagery. New Cyprus Magazine’s goal is to inform, entertain and inspire our readers constantly, in new and exciting approaches.

We are often noted for our unique style of pictures and we are sure you will not be disappointed.

It is important for us at New Cyprus Magazine that you, the reader, should always be satisfied with your searches for information you require, that you want to come back to us. Therefore, we always strive to be very clear with the information you need to know in order to decide whether North Cyprus is an interesting place for you. If you have questions about or think there is something we failed to provide information about, please click here and we will help you as quickly as we can.

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