A weekend with Pegasus to Bucharest

New Cyprus Magazine took a weekend trip to Bucharest, Romania with Turkish airline Pegasus. Pegasus flies from Ercan airport which is located just outside Nicosia, to Istanbul, and from there you can reach most worldwide destinations including the UK. The trip to Bucharest takes about four hours, which includes a stop in Istanbul.

The summer heat keeps its grip on Bucharest and we note that the temperature has reached 31 degrees Celsius on the thermometer. The city is characterized by long boulevards and many fine old stone houses and villas in varying conditions. We drive past the Parliament building which is an impressive sight. It is the largest functioning palace and the second largest administrative building after the Pentagon in the United States.

In the evening, we sampled the Romanian cuisine at Caru’cu bere, a fantastic nice old beer hall with wood carvings and mosaic glass everywhere. We order the Romanian specialty Sarmale (Romanian cabbage rolls with polenta) and share Ursus beer served in ceramic mugs.

Bucharest is located in South-Eastern Romania at the river Dambovita and has almost 2 million inhabitants in an area of 228 square kilometres.

The city arose sometime in the mid 1400’s and became the capital of Romania in 1862. It has since been changed in different ways and has become Romania’s mass media and cultural centre. Between the World Wars, the city became known as “Little Paris” due to its architecture and sophisticated elite. Some of the city’s historic centre was damaged or destroyed in the Second World War, but much survived and the town has in recent years moved forward both economically and culturally.

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