A successful project

Those of you who have read the magazine before know that I am a nature lover and live in a valley without municipal water and no state electricity. I strive to be as self-sufficient as I can in the modern society.
While we haven´t lived so long here, we haven´t had time to clean up agricultural land for my organic vegetables. So I purchase these and I choose carefully. Most of the time I buy locally produced vegetables. That way I know what they used, and that it is hormone-free.
We get our electricity from solar panels and it is a system that is sufficient for our household. But summer is coming and so the heat, which means that all vegetables must be in the fridge too. On the one hand, they take a lot of space because the fridge is small, will eventually get an A +++ refrigerator, and so I don´t like the taste, especially of tomatoes from the fridge. They have lost all the good sweetness and is mostly just cold and tasteless. I read about a project online about how to solve the problem in a village in Africa where electricity does not exist. To avoid the vegetables being destroyed rapidly in the market, the vendors they had revived an old system. Immediately I felt YES! here´s the solution to my problem.
Said and done, I trudged off to pot maker along the main road and tried to find a large and a slightly smaller pot. I thought they were expensive because I would not use them for flowers but to make a fridge” so I began to despair a bit. But after a little tour, I found exactly what I needed, slightly damaged at the top. After some price discussion, we agreed on a very favorable price. I was very happy and drove home with my trophies.
As you can see on the picture my waster of a puppy had a lot of fun while I was away. She has ripped out all the old rags I was about to throw away and she had broken all plastic bags. Oh well, it was still just garbage and it had kept her from digging up my plants .I got an extra pot in the bargain, and I´ll plant some chillies, hot hot and good!
My Husband provided me with sand and I filled  the bottom part of the large pot with it, after having plugged the hole in the bottom. Posed in the smaller pot, also with the holes plugged, and filled the gap with sand.
I poured cold water on the sand until it was saturated and in the inner pot, I put down the vegetables and fruit. Then I covered the opening to the inner pot with a wet towel. You should fill up with water every day and when it is at its warmest, it may have to be 2 times / day.
But what a good idea, the system works perfectly and the vegetables are fresh longer and the tomatoes taste like TOMATOES!




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