A new role model for organic food?

Organic food fills many shelves in supermarkets nowadays. Eating organic is becoming more and more popular, and the health benefits are many. You avoid pesticides, and organic fruit contains more vitamin C so you can eat less fruit but still get enough vitamins. For the general public it is yet not entirely obvious to chose organic, but perhaps it is a role model they need? In such cases, one might be on the way – Kate Middleton.

Rumours are going around that the English royalty is planning to start an organic food company with her sister, Pippa Middleton. The sister has recently been studying nutrition and Kate herself is very interested in organic food and she actually does all the baby food to her two children herself. At the royal country house in Norfolk grows lots of fruit and veg that Kate likes to use in her cooking, to make sure her children have nutritious food.

It is first and foremost baby food that will be in focus in the company, something that Kate has detected a lack of as a mother of small children. The plan is to then develop it to organic food for adults. It only remains to see if it can provide a positive impact on the public.

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