A new flag for Cyprus?

As long ago as 2003, the United Nations held an open competition for the design of a new flag for a united Cyprus. For some strange reason, never explained, no winner was ever announced, and the entire matter disappeared. Nothing more was said at all.

For designers, Jenny Stevens and Ernest Fasanya, this was an interesting challenge, and they admit that they submitted a number of entries. To them this was an important matter, especially as Ernest was born in Dhekalia, a British Overseas Territory on the island of Cyprus.

As Jenny says “Coming across this work again recently and seeing some value in it, we decided that there might still be some interest in the Cypriot community for such a design impetus, and updated it accordingly.”

She added that they both felt that if the notion of a new flag “could be shared amongst those with influence in the Cypriot and British Cypriot communities this might lead to an opening up of a space for discussion around the flag and the issues of identity, diversity and community.”

Maybe the U.N. might consider re-opening the idea, should the talks get back on track and an answer be found for the future.

Should anyone wish to get in touch with these designers, they can be reached by telephone on: +44 771 512 0501 or emails or see their web page



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