6 Weight Loss Tips

Drink Warm Water

Most of us prefer drinking cold water over the warm varietal, but if you’re looking to lose weight, you might want to rethink your beverage temperature.

Warm water has been shown to make you feel fuller faster so that you in turn, don’t eat as much.

If you can’t fathom warm water, try adding an herbal tea bag to give it a little flavour.

Watch Less TV

Most of us know that we eat more (and consume more calories) if we eat our meals while we are distracted (watching TV, on the computer, reading, etc.). But this idea of watching TV goes beyond watching while eating. Watching less TV in general helps you lose weight…because you burn more calories!

You burn more calories sleeping than you do watching TV, so…read, go for a walk or go to bed instead of watching TV for hours on end.

Don’t Eat in PJ’s

This is a depressing one for most as a lot of people like to change into comfortable clothes the minute they walk in the door.

Studies have shown that we eat and snack more if we’re wearing loose (and elastic!) clothes.

A compromise? Choose tighter clothing (like leggings, yoga pants and tank tops) so that you can be comfortable but still feel your waist.

Eat More Bacteria

Bacteria plays a big role in our metabolism and appetite, so some think that by increasing the amount of probiotic-rich foods you eat (aka bacteria) you’ll be able to lose weight without cutting calories.

Add Some Spice

Recent studies have shown that when you consume foods that are spicy, specifically cayenne pepper, your metabolism increases.

After the pepper was consumed, fewer calories were taken in at the next meal and it’s also been shown to slow the growth of fat cells.

It’s time to start adding more spice!

Drink Wine

The best has been saved for last! For reasons that researches don’t completely understand, women who drink one or two glasses of wine a day put on fewer pounds than those who don’t.

Those who sipped wine, took in fewer calories, but be sure not to go over two glasses or you’ll inevitably take in more calories than you want.

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