Salamis ruins

19 April, 2015

Salamis ruins are a must visit when in North Cyprus. The first time I visited the site I was completely […]

The legend of St. Hilarion Castle

18 April, 2015

St. Hilarion Castle was built in the 600‘s and got its name from a hermit who was later canonised. In the village of Zeytinlik (Templos) St. Hilarion is known as “Yüzbirevler”. The castle is located south of the village and is said to have 101 rooms. […]

A pink dream!

17 April, 2015

This cosy house in Esentepe is located in a residential area just off the coast, with fantastic views of both […]

Cyprus Film Days 2015

16 April, 2015

For all film lovers out there, hold onto your seats for the thirteenth International Film Festival – Cyprus Film Days […]

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