Pizza at Joya Restaurant

10 July, 2014

Joya Restaurant at Aphrodite Beachfront Village in Gaziveren, now has pizza on the lunch menu, Chef Zohaib Ahmad produces the […]

Sayal Shoes

9 July, 2014

Sayal Shoes has a huge variety of shoes in all its shapes and colours. If you are looking for stylish […]

Fanus lamp store

9 July, 2014

Fanus is a small shop in the heart of Kyrenia selling pottery and lamps. The store has a variety and […]


8 July, 2014

Long ago, as the saying goes in fairy tales, but this is no fairy tale or tall tale but a […]

Healthy sallad dressing

8 July, 2014

Healthy anti-inflammatory sallad dressing Ingredients: 1 teaspoon of ground turmeric 1/2 teaspoon fine sea salt 1/4 teaspoon ground black pepper […]

Döner City in Girne

6 July, 2014

Döner City is one of North Cyprus’ main kebab places with restaurants in both Girne and Nicosia. Besides their obvious […]

Pharmacy opening hours

4 July, 2014

There is a pharmacy open 24 hours a day after the others have closed. There are various pharmacies that are […]

Imaginary Famagusta

4 July, 2014

An information-gathering group of architects, planners and urban designers, from both sides of the island, which calls itself “Imaginary Famagusta”, […]

Phoenix Line Dance

3 July, 2014

Each week the Phoenix Line Dance Club gathers at the Korineum golf club to rehearse their steps. From the golf […]

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