Bird watching trip

30 April, 2014

A weekend trip for birdwatchers, to see the spectacular spring migration at the tip of the Karpaz peninsula offered this […]

The Cabin

29 April, 2014

On the 23 April, the Cabin in Lapta celebrated their first anniversary. The restaurant opened five years earlier but was […]

The boardwalk extends

27 April, 2014

Lapta is a very beautiful place with dramatic mountain scenery and gorgeous, unobstructed views of the ocean with no unsightly […]

Geology of Kyrenia

27 April, 2014

Kyrenia has a long narrow mountain range that consists of a series of rock formations that runs in an east-west […]

Crossing borders

27 April, 2014

To cross the border from Northern Cyprus to Southern Cyprus and vice versa is very easy because of the opening […]

The lawnmower man

27 April, 2014

The Lawnmower man and machine genius Mr. Mustafas workshop is located in Karakum. Coming from the Girne-direction it lies to the […]

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