Medical care north cyprus

22 March, 2014

After being in Cyprus for a while people start thinking about questions considering medical care. A piece of advice is that […]

Orange in North Cyprus

19 March, 2014

Citrus fruits are deeply rooted in the history of Cyprus and has a unique position in its nature and life. […]

Mepaş bathroom

18 March, 2014

North Cyprus, and especially Kyrenia is full of furniture stores with funky furniture, both local and imported. Last week we photographed inside […]

Orchid walk

18 March, 2014

Yesterday New Cyprus Magazine followed Margaretha, and a great bunch of around 20 Swedes, on a hike in the mountains to […]

Waterrobics with Madde

17 March, 2014

Each summer, beginning in June, I start the sea gymnastics group. During a fun hour we train the entire body […]

Open markets

15 March, 2014

All major cities, Kyrenia, Famagusta, Iskele and Guzelyurt, have open markets on different days of the week. The Great Market Hall […]

Cellular signaling

13 March, 2014

Signalling between cells The communication between cells and groups of cells in the body has become easier to understand after […]

The Turkish Riviera

12 March, 2014

Turkey’s Mediterranean coast, the Turquoise Coast, is nearly 1,600 km long, with fine sandy beaches and historic towns. The Turquoise […]

The dangerous sugar

12 March, 2014

Sugar can interfere with the cooperation between the various minerals and cause copper and chromium deficiency and impair the absorption […]

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